Film: continuing a legacy

Funder: Glassbreaker Films Women in Docs Grant
Title: “Continuing a Legacy"
Logline: Continuing a Legacy follows a single season of a black cowgirl in the junior rodeo.

Synopsis: 10-year old London is the daughter of legendary jockey and exercise rider for California Chrome Dihigi Gladney. The film follows her third competitive season as she works to make her mark in the junior rodeo and step out from under her father’s shadow. While London juggles school, family and her spirited horse Big Red, her parents work to keep the family afloat and fund their daughter’s passion to compete.

I began documenting the black cowboy community in Los Angeles County three years ago and produced “Bulldogging” a short five minute documentary about attendees at the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo. The short focused on the older generation of riders hoping to continue their legacy through their children and screened at the 2017 Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers - West (BADWest) Day of Black Docs. Before “Bulldogging”, I was not aware a black cowboy community even existed and had no idea that many of the characters portrayed in Hollywood westerns were based off black American riders.

My film explores what it means to be a black girl in a largely white male-dominated sport. It observes the intergenerational tension of both seeking approval and finding your own voice.

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